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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Lori's Birthday Meal

Lori is coming round and we thought we would cook her something special because it was her birthday yesterday. I perused the recipe books and cards, looked at what we had in the fridge then stopped for a quick coffee and a long, hard think...

By the way the coffee cups were a Charity Shop find (limited edition specially made for Nescafe). I think I will have a little nibble with that coffee. Oooh! Those plants look like they need a drink too. Still thinking about what to make Lori when I spotted the lovely rye bread I bought yesterday and my mind wanders to lunch...

Now, if I remember correctly Lori loves our Fajita Fridays. It's only Tuesday but hey it is her favourite after all. So to prepare the table and chop the vegetables and chicken...

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