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Thursday, 3 February 2011


These pretty glass candlesticks were £1.00 each and the serving platter was £2.50. The candlesticks will be wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a box alongside two lovely candles for one of my sisters' birthday.

The birds were £3.50 and the lovely tray was £1.00. My niece has a birthday coming up very soon and she would love these two beauties for her kitchen. They are in brand-new condition and will be presented to her wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a basket (just got to find the basket in the next couple of days). The tray, I can't bear to part with at the moment even though it was only £1.00.

Oooooooooh! So cute. I bought these teeny graters for 60p. My husband loves cooking, he thinks he is a bit of a Jamie Oliver. So he will be receiving these three beauties for his birthday. As a big fan of garlic, lemon, lime and ginger, he will find a great use for the graters and I am sure he will serve up a delicious concoction on the serving platter that I bought him.

The cake stand is so delicate and such a pretty shade of pink (still awaiting it's central handle - lots of people on the case for this). Tablecloth is beautifully embroidered in gold thread and has a Marks and Spencer label on it - £4.50. The tablecloth will be folded and tied with ribbon as a present for a dear friend.

Can you spot the fabulous cake stand? I am going to stay with my sister in Devon soon and will take her a chocolate cake wrapped in cellophane and present it on this beautiful pressed-glass 1950's collectable - it cost me £3.00. Between the two candlesticks at the back is a perfume bottle made of pink glass - a young lady I know would love this on her dressing table and it is her birthday very soon.
During this time of recession, recycling is such a challenging, interesting and inexpensive way to shop for presents. There is a story behind each of these gifts and I love to sit and ponder about their history - Who owned them? What was that persons' life like? Were they happy? Were they loved? How did the item end up in a charity shop? Some will be happy stories and some will be sad but I am sure they will all be interesting.
As more and more people begin to appreciate the thought behind the gift rather than its value trinkets like these are getting a new lease of life. Wonderful!
Let me know if you find anything in your local charity shop or thrift store that would make a delightful present for someone you know. Meanwhile, I am going in search of the basket and some trinkets for my first ever 'giveaway' which will be held as soon as I get 20 bloggers. I am not very good at getting out there and selling my blog but if you come across me, please follow I would love to think there are people out there who think like me.

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