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Thursday, 3 March 2011

ABC of Me

Lovin' Pretty Things is encouraging everyone to do an ABC of me. Here goes:

Aunty to 10

Believe in god

Chore: Hate hanging out the washing

Dreams of being a writer

Enjoys reading, walking, films, theatre, cooking, friendly chats

Favourite colour - Blue

Gold or Silver - Definitely silver

Hopes to live a long and healthy life

Is good fun in a range of social situations

Joins in everything

Kitchen is my favourite room

Loves, loves, loves my husband

Made in the UK

Never gives up

One man girl

Photography is a hobby

Quietly confident

Rome is my favourite city

Shore Shank Redemption is my favourite film

Terrified of spiders

Useless at Geography

Very calm in emergency situations

Walks everywhere

X-factor fan

Yoga fanatic

Zumba is on my list of things to try

1 comment:

  1. Laura, I love love love this!!!! I thhink I will be doing this!