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Friday, 28 May 2010

The Porch Now

At last the porch is finished and I have uploaded a few pictures for you to look at.
Top: The mirror was £5.00 at a car boot sale. I bought the solid oak unit years ago from a car boot sale for £20.00 (would never put a paint brush near it). The photo frames were £8.00 each in M&S two years ago and the candlesticks were a recent purchase from a car boot sale. The vase was from a charity shop £6.00, and the plaque says 'Welcome' in French and was bought by my daughter for the porch. The bench was bought from a car boot sale years ago and has been in the attic, the cushions were lying around, the heart was £2.29 in a local shop, the scarf a recent birthday present. For practical reasons I have placed an old suitcase beneath the bench for shoes. I recovered the bench with a piece of spare fabric and the boxes were £1.00 at a car boot sale.

If you look closely, you can see some lovely soup bowls displayed in the oak unit - bought from a charity shop for £2.50 - I love them!

The large wooden-framed mirror was £10.00 from a car boot sale, the small oval mirror with wooden frame was £3.00, the bevelled mirror was free (someone left it behind at a car boot sale). The two gold-framed mirrors were both £6.29 from a charity shop. I love the convex mirror, you can see every inch of the porch in it.

I am so pleased with the finished porch, the tiles and walls make it bright and airy.

Now for my next project the front garden.

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