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Monday, 17 January 2011

Dare to be Different

Something different for your mantle piece. I bought these glasses in a local charity shop the other day - they were sitting in sets of 4 around the shop. When I moved a large serving dish (which I wanted to buy too but you've got to stop somewhere) I spotted the red-stemmed glasses and knew I had to have them. Immediately, two women came up to me and commented on how beautiful they are with their crystal-style grapes, they had spotted the green-stemmed glasses but did not think they were worth buying. I just knew I had to have the red ones and their counter-parts, otherwise it would have been like splitting a family. The lady at the desk told me their story...

She had donated all three sets which she had bought in Germany when she lived there. They were made to clebrate the Rhine Valley Wine Festival and are specifically Hock glasses.

Little German Hock glasses you are perfect Christmas decor. I will treasure you forever, you have a permanent home here on my mantle with your wonderful stems, dancing flames and delicate reflections.

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