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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Joy to the World

It can be very bleak in England at this time of year. Our lives can seem veiled by darkness and the ability to think positively becomes harder and harder as we long to step into spring. Yet, little feelings of delight can be found when we turn an ordinary task, or event, into something extra-ordinary. Here are twenty ways that I found brought joy into my little world:

1. Light the log fire or wood-burning stove, sit back watch and dream...

2. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner by candlelight

3. Make a fresh cup of coffee, rather than an instant one, and soak up the aroma

4. Celebrate all things family by having a family lunch and tell everyone it is a
'Family Festival'

5. Go through your CD collection and play a long-lost favourite while you wash up

6. Paint your nails a lovely bright colour then watch your favourite TV programme
whilst they dry

7. Lie on the sofa with a soft blanket and watch a favourite film

8. Make something for dinner that brings back happy memories of your childhood

9. Pare down one room by removing clutter and giving it to your favourite charity

10. Turn a tiny corner of your home, that you walk past regularly, into a beautiful,
bright nook that fills you with pleasure every time you look at it

11. Go for a walk and try to spot 10 wonders of winter

12. Phone a friend that you haven't spoken to for a long time and arrange
to meet for lunch

13. Visit your favourite blog and publish a great comment

14. Tell a friend why you value her friendship

15. Put a little note in with a family members' packed-lunch

16. Ask yourself if it's really worth worrying about then write it down and bin it

17. Offer to do a good deed for an old person in your neighbourhood

18. After you put your lipstick on, blow yourself a kiss in the mirror

19. On very dreary days do the shopping in your favourite outfit

20. Clean your favourite mirror then look into it and smile

Let me know about any ideas you have that have brought joy into your life on bleak days.

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